The Sciene Behind Halal Nail Polish

How Could Nail Polish Be Halal?

Let’s start with the definition.

“Halal” is an Arabic word that translates to permissible or lawful in accordance to Islamic law. It’s contrasted by “Haram”also an Arabic word, translates to unlawful in accordance to Islamic law. “Halal” is often associated with food ie “Halal meat”. Which is why it might be confusing to see it used in reference to cosmetics. However, it’s not limited to food. The word “Halal” can be used to describe anything that is permissible according to Islamic Law.

So how is our nail polish Halal?

Mersi Cosmetics does not produce typical nail polish. We produce Breathable nail polish.

Our nail polish is made with a unique breathable formula that creates a water and oxygen permeable layer when applied. Which means it’s possible to use it during Ablution. Since water will pass through the layer of nail polish and touch your nails. Mersi nail polish is also specifically formulated in accordance to Islamic law. It’s 100% vegan, completely free of any and all animal byproducts often found in cosmetics.

The science.

Let’s talk chemistry. Most of us are not chemists, so we’ll keep this simple. Typical nail polish formulas are made up of neat, tight molecular bonds, stacked on top of each other. Imagine bricks stacked on top of each other. The molecules that make up breathable formulas on the other hand – are made up of a staggered structure. Imagine a staggered brick laying pattern that allows water and oxygen to fall through the spaces.

Is there a way to test water permeability?

Yes, there is and no, it’s not the “coffee filter test”. Unfortunately, the coffee filter test is not accurate. Coffee filters and paper surfaces do not accurately mimic the surface of a layer of nail polish. Also when this specific test is preformed, water has to pass through two layers instead of one. First through the layer of nail polish itself then through the coffee filters layer. The only way to accurately test breathability is in a lab through properly carried out scientific experiments. Our nail polish has been through this process. It’s been lab tested and certified. If you’d like more information regarding this please feel free to reach out to us.